How to Search Your Miner’s IP?

Generally users can use the following methods to figure out a miner’s IP address:

  • Log into the router that your miners are connecting (suitable for a few miners)

1. Type the router’s IP into browser’s address bar and then you will see a router login page. Please make sure your computer is also connected to this router.

2. Click connected terminals and then you will see all the equipment that are connecting to this router. Generally, Antminer machines will show a name with “Antminer” in it. Each terminal’s IP address is listed. Copy the URL to address bar.

  • Use IP Scanner to scan the IP (suitable for a few miners)

If users do not know router’s IP address, you can download an IP scanner to figure out the miner’s IP address.

1. Connect your computer and miners to the same router

2. Click Windows+R together and enter “cmd”, then type “ipconfig/all” (without quotation mark) and click enter.

3. The IPv4 address is the IP address of your computer. For example, your computer’s IP address is

4)Download an IP scanner and fill in and click “search” to start to scan. When scan is completed, there will be a page as below. Normally there are columns such as name, IP, producer, MAC address and you can figure out which one is miner through name. But there are also some miners that do not present a name but just IP, like in the page.

  • Use IP Reporter to get the IP address (suitable for both a few miners and many miners. Generally Antminer  miners have this button)

1. Download an IP reporter software;

2. Start the software in your computer and click “start”;

3. Keep the button depressed for one second; 

4)Your computer will get the IP address of the miner as shown below.

  • Use IP set button (Innosilicon miners may have IP set button in miner)

Press the IP set button for about 5 seconds and then the miner’s IP address will be reset to

You can visit this IP to start set miner configuration.

  • Use bulk miner manager to set IP

Bulk miner manager software can easily be used to manage miners, including setting there IP address. You can check the official instructions of the software about the details.

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