Antminer Operation Guide (Model S9 as an example)

First understand the precautions for the use of the miner:

  1. The power supply is recommended to be 20% or more higher than the power consumption of the miner.
  2. The router or switch connected to the miner cannot use the POE function.
  3. The miner can only be connected to the router or switch through a wired way.
  4. The recommended operating temperature is 10 to 35 degrees.
  5. It is recommended that the ambient humidity be below 65%.
  6. Pay attention to dust and catkins, so as not to corrode the computing board or cause the heat of the mining machine to not be dissipated.
  7. To enter the background of the miner, you must use Chromeor Firefox browsers.

First: Preparation

Before using the miner to mining, first check whether the mining equipment is in good condition.

Mining equipment includes: power supply, power cord, miner, and a PC that manages the miner.

New machine inspection

  1. Check the appearance of the package When the new machine receives the sign for receipt, check whether the appearance of the package is damaged. If there is any damage, please check and unpack to check whether the mining machine is damaged.
  2. Check the appearance of the miner. Take out the minerand check whether the casing of the mineris deformed, whether the fan is damaged, and whether the flat cable and fan cable are damaged.
  3. Check the heat sink of the miner Look inward from the front and rear fans of the miner to check whether the heat sink falls off. If there is any fall off, please contact the miner customer service in time.

Note: Because the hashboard is directly placed in the card slot of the chassis, it is a little loose. When shaking, you will hear a relatively dull and heavy sound. This is normal.

Tool to find IP: IP reporter

Batch processing tool:

Second: Introduction to the front of the control panel

IP Report

Use IP report software to feed back the IP of this miner to the computer


ETH ETH network cable interface

The fault warning light, in most cases, it is faulty when it flashes


Normal Running indicator, in most cases, the flashing light indicates that the miner is working normally
Reset Reset button to restore the factory settings of the miner
SD card  SD card socket

Third: Minerwiring and inspection

  1. Connect the hashboard: The Antminer S9 has three hashboards, each of themhas 3 PCIE interfaces, each of themmust be connected to a 12V power line, a total of 9 12V lines.

Note: When the power supply is connected to the miner, there is no difference in the line sequence; pay attention to the direction of the buckle, and it cannot be connected reversely, which will burn the computing board; after connecting, check whether the cable is loose or not inserted in place.

  1. Connect to the control board: The control board has a PCIE interface and only needs to be connected to a 12V-PCIE power cord. The flat cable connects the hashboardand the control board.

Note: When the power supply is connected to the miner, there is no difference in the line sequence. Pay attention to the direction of the buckle. It cannot be connected reversely. Reverse connection will burn the control board. After connecting, check whether the cable is loose or not inserted in place.

  1. Connect to the network: There is a network cable interface in the front, pay attention to the direction when connecting, and the crystal head must be inserted in place.

  1. Connect the fan. Check whether the fan plug is loose and not inserted in place (two fans each have a fan plug connected to the control board)

Fourth: After the minersis installed and connected to the power supply, first check the IP address of the miners.

Use the IP Reporter function to obtain IP (this method can be used for more or less miners, but only for miners with IP Reporter button on the miners, mainly Antminers)

  1. According to your mining machine brand, go to the mining machine manufacturer to download the IP Reporter software
  2. Open the software and click “start”
  3. Press and hold the IP button on the miner for 1 second and then release it

4. The IP address feedback will be received on the computer

Use a router to obtain the miner IP address.

  1. Open the management address of the router in the browser (there is on the manual or the label attached to the router), and find the IP address of the latest connected device, that is, the IP of the newly connected miner.
  2.  According to the online time and device name of the connected network device, we can determine which one is the miner that has just been connected, and its corresponding IP is the IP of the mining machine we are looking for.

Fifth:After querying the address of the miner, enter the IP address of the minerin the computer browser with the same IP address as the minerto enter the background of the miner.

Open the browser, enter the IP address, the initial login name and password are both root.

After logging in, find the General Settings page of Miner Configuration, and set the three mining addresses of the poolin mining pool.

The first mining address:stratum+tcp://

The second mining address:stratum+tcp://

The third mining address:stratum+tcp://

When the link of pool1 address is abnormal, pool2/pool3 will be tried

Worker: The worker name is the sub-account name, in the format: sub-account name. Numbers or lowercase letters.

Password: Miner password (can be set at will).

Click save&apply after setting.

After the setting is completed, it will start running in about tens of seconds. Go to “Miner Status” to see the real-time mining status of the miner.

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