How to Ping Mining URL?

What is mining URL?

Bitcoin is a decentralized network structure that forwards new transactions and new blocks through nodes. While miner and mining pool also form another network at the same time. This network is divided into several main parts, such as miner, mining pool and wallet.

Protocol between miner and mining pool is stratum. It can be regarded as mining URL when presented to Miner Status. Miner receives jobs from mining pool, and mining pool receives shares from miner. Take BTC as an example, mining URL can be illustrated as:

  • stratum+tcp://
  • stratum+tcp://
  • stratum+tcp://

What is Ping?

Ping is used to determine whether the local host can successfully exchange (send and receive) data packets with another host. Based on returned information, it can be inferred whether the operation is normal and whether the network is smooth.

Why to Ping?

The connection between miner and mining pool depends on network. Network performance determines the communication between miner and mining pool. In Windows system, we can use ping command to solve routing problems in the network.

You can follow the steps:

1. The same computer as the mining machine’s LAN, enter cmd in the search box, and select “Command Prompt” tool.

2. Enter ping (Take btc as an example, if it is another currency, change it to another currency mining URL)

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