How to Choose Miners?

Your selection of miners is actually your investment option. suggests that users can evaluate and choose miners from the following steps.

  • ASIC miners or GPU miners

ASIC miners


1.Higher hashrate than GPU miners;

2. Available bulk miner management software and miner settings can be easily done.


1. Only available for mining currency that uses a fixed algorithm.

GPU miners:


1. Flexible in mining different currencies based on profits


1. Lower hashrate than ASIC miners;

2. Very limited bulk miner management software available, not easy to manage miners in bulk.

  • Miner selection

GPU miners

GPU miners generally include AMD and NVIDIA. You can mine ETH and XMR on The mining profit of ETH is high and stable.

ASIC miners

1. Select miner producer: miner producers include antminer, innosilicon, avalon, pinidea, halong etc.

2. Select mining algorithm: choosing one mining algorithm means you have chosen one or several mining currencies that use this algorithm. In choosing mining currency, you can make evaluation from perspectives like currency, mining, block reward, diff adjustment mechanisms and trading volumes.

3. Select miners: one producer may produce several miners using same algorithm, with each different in price and hashrate.

The three points above are just three perspectives for miner buyers to think about. 

Example: if a user decides to mine Litecoin, he can list a table to compare between different miners, for example Antminer L3++, Innosilicon A6, from the following perspectives:

1) Miner price

2) Daily mining profit: click url to check

3) Daily mining cost (electricity fee etc)

4) Services (miner after-sales service, bulk miner management software)

5) Stability

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